You’ll find answers to questions we get asked most often below. If you don’t find what you are looking for or want to know more please do not hesitate to contact us on 01943 609213 or alternatively email:

>> How do I switch to Switched On?
The best way to start the process is to contact us on 01943 609213 or email where one of the team will be happy to discuss your utility requirements.

>> Do I have to send in my termination notice?
No matter what type of commercial supply you have, you must always give the termination notice to the existing or previous supplier in order to have the ability to quote other suppliers and to stop the supplier rolling you onto out-of-contract rates. Alternatively we can act on your behalf by giving the notice and following it up to confirm its acceptance, we will need your permission to do so in the form of a letter of authority

>> Can I change commercial supplier anytime in the year?
You can only change your commercial supplier once the contract you signed previously is up for renewal, in order to be allowed to switch supplier you will have to have given a termination notice to the supplier in the appropriate time-frame on the contract. For more information please ring the team on 01943 609213 or email

>> I realise that Switched On can make significant savings for our business each year, but can you improve our efficiency?
Yes Switched On has its own division for managing and tracking energy consumption and carbon emissions. We believe that the most effective way of starting to reduce your energy usage is by knowing when and where the commodity is being used within the day. From there we can discover systems to not only reduce your energy usage but your carbon emissions as a company. For more information or to get started please ring 01943 609213 or email,

>> Why are Switched On unique compared to other consultants?
We are unique from our companies, because we not only offer intelligent procurement services but we go the extra mile for our customers by assisting in a large range of services which we and our partners have over 200 years’ experience in. Including Energy Efficiency, Carbon Reduction, Market Intelligence, online reporting, Risk and Strategy management, Cost control and analysis, renewable generation, Site works and infrastructure.

>> I am interested in purchasing a flexible product for my portfolio, can Switched On offer this?
Yes we can offer both flexible and fixed products from 6 months to 5 years. We have assisted corporate customers with flexible contracts for over 12 years, and know not only what to look out for but we are well-trained in reading and analysing the market trends each day. For more information please email,

>> Who would manage our portfolio/accounts?
At Switched On we are dedicated to customer service that is every client will be assigned an account manager who will be your point of contact throughout the contract period and the annual year. This is to insure that the service received is second to none and that your queries and requirement are managed and satisfied.

>> How does Switched On Tender for each site?
We pride ourselves on having not only a brilliant relationship with all the industry suppliers but our tendering process and structure which is the same for every single site and client with us.

1.Meter and site details preparation
2.Analyse the previous year’s consumption, data and phase load.
3.Initial market overview and predictions for the upcoming month.
4.Request bespoke quotations from all main industry suppliers, including British Gas, Eon and Npower.
5.Final Market overview based on previous predictions.
6.Send the customer a complete market, price and savings report for the year and necessary paperwork.
7.Manage the waiting to go live process to ensure no complications are incurred, i.e. Supplier Objections, erroneous transfers etc…

>> How does Switched On charge its fees?
There are a number of ways in which we charge our customers for our services. Depending on your portfolio size and requirements we either receive a commission from the successful supplier so the client will not have to pay us an fee, or we would charge a consultancy fee for additional services, this is usually for the larger clients with 50+ sizes or an annual spend of £1 million or more.

>> I need a new meter installing but do not know where to start, can Switched On help me?
Yes we can, on average we install 5-10 new connections a week due to the large portfolio of agricultural businesses, whether it is a poultry shed, grain dryer or milking parlour we can help you from the start to the finish.

>> I have an electricity and/or gas meter which I do not use, is it worth removing?
Yes you can but you have to ask yourself if it is worth does so, will you want or need to use the meter in future years? If there is no electricity demand for the meter, then all you are paying for is a standing charge (Daily Charge)

>>Why do you need a copy of the invoice from our current supplier?
The invoice from the supplier will tell us you’re current prices paying, serial number, meter point reference number or meter point administration number, supplier account number, kVA Capacity, site address on Echoes and whether you already have an automatic meter reader installed.
What is your current Contract live rate?

Un fortunately transferring suppliers is not as simple as you think, industry suppliers will come up will multiple reason why they will object to a supply moving, that is why we have a dedicated team who solely check the supply status report issued from each supplier; this is so that we know exactly where the sites are in terms of registration. Our current Contract live rate in 2012 is 99% for over 2000 sites.

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