Energy customers given further ways to reclaim cash

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Millions of energy customers who have money left in old accounts are again being encouraged to reclaim it.

The energy industry launched a website in September, in an effort to hand money back to three million customers who are owed it.

Now they are being given a telephone number and a Freepost address to use as well.

It is thought the customers are owed an average of £50 each, as a result of switching accounts.

Energy UK, which represents the industry, said millions of pounds were handed back to customers when the website was launched in September.

However, it said not everyone was online, so it was coming up with other ways for customers to claim.


“This campaign spreads awareness and makes it easier for consumers to check whether they are owed money or not,” said Lawrence Slade, the incoming chief executive of Energy UK.

The campaign was welcomed by the regulator, Ofgem, although it warned the energy companies not to let the money build up again.

“Suppliers must now do everything within their powers to return the money and prevent a similar situation from happening again,” said Philip Cullum, consumer partner at Ofgem.

“Ofgem will continue to monitor suppliers’ progress and keep the need for action under review,” he said.

Anyone who thinks they may be owed money can call the My Energy Credit helpline on 0370 737 7770.

Or they can write to:


My Energy Credit

47 Aylesbury Road



Source: BBC

Rhys Boven
Rhys Boven
Rhys Boven is the Managing Director at leading energy brokers Switched On Energy. Most people have no idea if they are paying the correct amount or are on competitive terms, Rhys uses his expertise in the industry to help his customers make more money, save time, have less stress and peace of mind. Connect with Rhys Boven on LinkedIn >>

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