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The Energy Explained Blog

I’m sure you will agree but the world of utilities has become far too complex. At Switched on, we want to simplify the market and keep you up to date with important matters which will affect you.

With more energy suppliers in the market and more energy charges being added to your bill, energy is really a battlefield for any business to navigate.

That’s why we are starting the energy explained blog. This will be a weekly video blog from our Managing Director, Rhys Boven.

The mission of the blog is to help you understand what’s happening in the market and why prices are increasing or decreasing. We will also cover everything from new meter connections to supplier reviews to tips you can use to reduce your consumption. This will be the ‘go-to’ blog within the industry.

We will also be getting guest blogs on other important matters from our trusted partners.

Why we’ve started the Energy Explained Blog?

The energy market has always been a bit of an unknown to customers, they’ve just accepted the charges and that it’s a hassle. But now, with energy costs more expensive than ever, customers want to know more about why the prices are changing and what they can do to reduce their spend. The blog will be mainly video based explaining price changes, new regulations, energy saving tips, case studies and much more. We are all really excited about this blog as not only will it help our current customers but also help new customers to understand the energy market better.

The blog is due to start next week with the first post being released on 27th August.

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Rhys Boven
Rhys Boven
Rhys Boven is the Managing Director at leading energy brokers Switched On Energy. Most people have no idea if they are paying the correct amount or are on competitive terms, Rhys uses his expertise in the industry to help his customers make more money, save time, have less stress and peace of mind. Connect with Rhys Boven on LinkedIn >>

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