Energy Procurement

We offer a complete end-to-end managed service for electricity and gas purchasing.

We employ experienced energy traders to track the wholesale markets across all the main energy exchanges, so we always know when prices are at their highs and lows.

As we are completely independent from the energy suppliers, we can impartially advise who presents the best deal and why. However, our substantial buying power and positive working relationships with the energy suppliers means that we always obtain the most favourable prices based on the current market.

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Energy Procurement

Fixed Procurement

Protect yourself and avoid future price increases.

As the wholesale energy markets continue to be uncertain, a fixed-price product provides your business with budget certainty, eliminating exposure to future price increases. We understand that every customers’ requirements are different, so we have a choice of options to suit your portfolio.

Our expert team of trading analysts track market trends in real-time, enabling us to advise you when the best time is to purchase your energy, and which supplier is offering the best rate.

Price Protection

Price Protection

Contract prices are fixed for the contract duration, up to 5 years.
Budget Certainty

Budget Certainty

Budgets can be forecasted to the last penny.


Provides protection from future price increases.

Flexible Procurement

Flexible buying allows you to spread the price risk over a number of purchasing decisions throughout the year.

Our flexible products are fully supported by comprehensive and timely wholesale market information, helping you to manage your business energy needs effectively.

You will have a dedicated premier team of experts who are on hand to help you navigate the complex world of energy & achieve your energy procurement objectives.

Lower Prices

Lower Prices

Spreading your purchasing decisions over a longer time period may increase the potential of buying at a better average price.
Risk Reduced

Risk Reduced

Energy purchases are hedged over a long period of time and over multiple purchases rather than on one specific day.

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Customer Reviews
  • Adam Wilcox
    Switched On Energy

    "...they made the switch completely seamless and painless"

    Switched On recently assisted my business True Network to switch energy suppliers. Not only did they cut the energy bill by over 35% they made the switch completely seamless and painless, unlike my personal previous attempts. I was really impressed with the all-round service that was provided, and can safely say I would recommend Switched On to every business that is interested in cutting overheads and saving money.
    Director, True Network
  • Suzy Berry
    Switched On Energy

    "...always friendly and helpful"

    We’ve worked with Switched On Energy for many years now and couldn’t be happier with the way they have helped our business navigate the energy market. They are always friendly and helpful and nothing is ever too much trouble when it comes to sorting out our problems or queries. The prompt and simple to understand service is first class and I would have absolutely no hesitation at all in recommending Switched On Energy to any of my customers, family or friends in the future.
    Admin Assistant
  • Nancy Hill
    Switched On Energy

    "...we are now benefiting from a saving of £200 a year"

    The service we received from Switched On Energy was fast, efficient and within the space of a couple of emails, we are now benefiting from a saving of £200 a year on our gas and electricity costs. All the team at Brighter Life would have no hesitation in recommending Switched On to others.
    Practice Manager, Brighter Life Chiropractic
  •  Jonathan Baggaley
    Switched On Energy

    "...the process was easy from start to finish"

    Thank you so much for reducing our electricity and gas bills. The team at Switched On quickly assessed our bill and pointed out that we were on the wrong contract with our current supplier and were paying over the odds. Your also pointed out that we could move to a different supplier and save even more money. We have 40% on our energy bills and didn’t really need to do a thing! I shall continue to recommend you to any business.
    Managing Director
  • Paul Hepworth
    Switched On Energy

    "...they took total control of our issue"

    I was referred to Switched On Energy after they were highly recommended by a friend of mine. After making the enquiry, they took total control of our issue without us having to do a thing. They found out what the cost would be for us to stay with the existing supplier and how much we could save if we switched. The professionalism in which they did the task was exemplary. We were looked after from start to finish, and I am more than happy to recommend Rhys Boven and his company to any business.
    Manager, YourPrint
  • Nick
    Switched On Energy

    "Rhys saves us 35% year on year"

    As the name says, Switched On Energy are switched on about energy. Prompt, professional and personal service from Rhys saves us 35% year on year, with no hassle whatsoever. Thanks very much.
    Owner, Kirkby Motors
  • Jonathan Caine
    Switched On Energy

    "We saved £3,597 off our annual bill"

    The service was simple, effortless and professional. Switched On Energy simply took our recent bill, calculated the potential savings and changed our suppliers over to a better deal. They handled everything from searching the market to tracking the switch and updating us accordingly. We saved £3,597 off our annual bill and are absolutely delighted. I would recommend them to any business wanting to reduce their costs.
  • Gareth Townend
    Switched On Energy

    "We will be making a huge saving"

    Without any fuss, you took one of our bills, checked the market and recommended a fantastic saving without us having to do anything. There is nothing worse than the endless calls from companies wanting you to change supplier, thankfully we no longer must do that. We will be making a huge saving from the quote you have given us and even more by paying via Direct Debit. The whole process was effortless and I cannot understand why people would want to even go with anyone else, I will without hesitation recommend Switched On Energy to any business.
    Director, TVS Ltd
  • Ian Darnbrook
    Switched On Energy

    "Keep up the fantastic work"

    I emailed them our energy bills and within 24 hours I had received your comparison quote, recommendation and signed up with yourselves with an excellent saving over the next 3 years. I couldn’t be happier with the service and expertise from Switched On and would recommend them to anyone. Keep up the fantastic work.
    Director, A1
  • Michael P. Cotler
    Switched On Energy

    "Thank you for making the transaction both easy and stress free"

    I am writing to commend Switched On Energy for the excellent job that you did to transfer our electricity supply. As with most people we were unhappy with our previous suppliers yet had no real insights as to what criteria to apply to move to a better one. All we did was supply Switched On with a recent bill and the rest was taken care of. Thank you for making the transaction both easy and stress free for us and we will refer you with both confidence from a personal and professional perspective.
  • Robert Crossman
    Switched On Energy

    "...they quickly saved me £663 per annum"

    After having a number of problems with my current supplier and the amount of time it was taking to resolve our queries, I was recommended to Switched On Energy. Their customer service team were delightful to deal with and after numerous conversations, they quickly saved me £663 per annum on my electricity and gas accounts. In my experience, they are the only energy company who you get the feeling that they care about you and don’t just want to sell you something.
    Partner, GSD
  • Steven Burles
    Switched On Energy

    "After our energy supplier made a complete ‘balls up’"

    After our energy supplier made a complete ‘balls up’ on our electricity and gas accounts, we were recommended to Switched On by customer of ours. The team immediately advised of a way to resolve the problem and took time in understanding what we required. After a few weeks, you sorted everything with me having to do very little. We’d recommend Switched On to any business, as you need someone on your side when dealing with muppets!
    Managing Director
  • George Furniss
    Switched On Energy

    "They continue to impress me after 6 years"

    We are more than impressed with the service and approach from Rhys Boven at Switched On Energy. After having a less than pleasant experience with my incumbent supplier, I was looking for a honest consultant who could help us to reduce the burden of our increasing bills. And I found one and more! They continue to impress me after 6 years of being a customer and I have recommended them countless of times.
    Farm Secretary
  • David Miller
    Switched On Energy

    "Switched On's prices were 5% cheaper"

    I was initially quite sceptical about using a broker to source our electricity and gas for our new office...but Michael at Switched On was fantastic. He made the whole process straightforward and easy. And when I compared his offer to another supplier, Switched On's prices were 5% cheaper. I would recommend Switched On to any business looking to reduce costs and get the best prices for their business.
    Shine Online UK
  • Gary Fawcett
    Switched On Energy

    "...they negotiated a 50% reduction!"

    Switched On were recommended to us by a friend of mine who said nothing but fantastic things about the service and results. Quickly after my initial enquiry, Rhys and Michael visited me to discuss the club’s portfolio and requirements. Within minutes they told me a rough estimate to the savings possible and how they propose to move forward. On my behalf, they negotiated a 50% reduction! Their service was extremely professional and made energy simple! I highly recommend any business to utilise Switched On’s services.

It couldn't be easier to switch your energy as we take care of everything for you


No more paying over the odds. Switched On makes switching seamless. With no delays.

Superior Service

With a customer retention rate of 98% it is no surprise that we have had over 2,000 referrals for new business.


After-sales Support

No more holding on at the end of a telephone. One call to us and we will answer all your questions.

Industry Experts

The Switched On team has many years’ experience within the energy market. We know when to buy and how to buy. Let us advise you and ensure that you are paying as little as possible.

Personal Account Manager

Every customer is important to us and your friendly and dedicated account manager will answer any questions you may have.

Buying Power

We currently manage over £400 million worth of energy contracts every year. Our collective buying power gives us access to market prices which you will not be able to source elsewhere.


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