Npower to raise energy prices by 5.3%

From 17th June, gas and electricity supplier Npower is increasing their energy prices. The rise will affect an estimated one million customers, adding on average an […]

Why you need LED Lights

LED lights isn’t a new topic but it still amazes us how many businesses we visit who still have old-fashioned fluorescent tubes. Businesses without LED Lights […]

Gas prices continue to rise

In the past whenever Gas prices rose, we were lucky in that it was only ‘short-lived’ and the market tended to drop back to ‘normal’. Unfortunately, […]

4 reasons to invest in LED Lights

Investing in anything is a daunting proposition for most, no matter the size of your business. With so many different options and finance packages available it […]

Car Garage saves 20% on Electricity renewal

Harrogate Energy Broker, Switched On Energy, were able to save a local car garage 20% on their electricity renewal. “At MDR Motors customer service and satisfaction […]
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